WheelNess in Inverness improves people’s health, wealth and happiness by supporting them to cycle for everyday journeys. Free access to a bike and a personal programme of support is targeted particularly at people on low incomes and those with underlying health conditions.

Cycling regularly brings many benefits, particularly for people’s health and wellbeing – but not everyone has access to a bike. WheelNess works with people who wouldn’t otherwise be able to access a bike, helping them to make positive changes in their lives through cycling.

People who can benefit from the project are signposted to it through various organisations including local GP surgeries and Home Energy Scotland. Participants receive a bike, helmet and other equipment suitable for their needs from one of several independent bike shops in Inverness.

Everyone’s cycling journey is different, so WheelNess staff provide support tailored to each individual. If they’re too nervous to ride after a long time away from cycling, we’ll be there with one-to-one confidence boosting sessions. If they don’t know how to get from A to B, we’ll show them quiet or traffic-free routes.

In addition to individual support, guided rides and maintenance workshops help to build people’s confidence and skill levels.

Contact WheelNess

You can keep up to date with WheelNess on Facebook and Twitter or email brendan.dougan@CyclingUK.org or fiona.johnston@CyclingUK.org for more information.



​WheelNess is funded by Transport Scotland.