How to form a Cycling UK Affiliated Campaign Group

Affiliating your campaign group to Cycling UK will unlock access to campaign resources

How to form a Cycling UK Affiliated Campaign Group

If you run or are thinking of starting a campaign group, Cycling UK can offer you a package of support, including insurance, materials, e-campaigning and advice, all for £77.50 a year.

Perhaps you've just started a campaign group in your area, or you've been campaigning for years - either way, you should consider affiliating your group to Cycling UK.

Joining Cycling UK, with its network of existing campaigners, groups and wealth of knowledge on all things cycling, will enhance your campaigning voice and help draw in new members to your group. Cycling UK's affiliation package is designed to complement the services offered to existing Cyclenation campaign groups

The benefits of Cycling UK group affiliation include:

  • Advice and expertise from Cycling UK's campaigns team and network of highly skilled volunteers. Our team can offer strategic advice, views and briefings on all cycling issues, and the opportunity to enhance your skills and knowledge at national and regional training events.
  • Materials and tools to support your campaigns. Cycling UK can provide access to web tools to lobby councillors, collect signatures or bring your local campaign to the attention of cyclists in your area.
  • £10 million Organisers’ Liability insurance For your ride leaders and event organisers, subject to such events being organised in accordance with Cycling UK Guidelines.
  • Free copy of ‘Cycle’ maazine. Cycling UK’s bi-monthly magazine full of news, articles and expert advice from the world of leisure and utility cycling.
  • Third Party insurance for your members. For only £25 per year, riders can become Affiliated members of Cycling UK – this will give them £10 million of Third Party insurance so they are covered should they be the cause of any damage or injury whilst cycling.

Who can affiliate to Cycling UK?

Cycling UK Group Affiliation is available to anyone who organises cycling events, runs rides, promotes or campaigns for cycling. Cyclenation groups are also very welcome to join Cycling UK.

Rates are competitive and are just £77.50 per year - it's easy to do so join today!