Take action

Cycling UK continues to support the UK to cycle
This remains true during this difficult period with the ongoing threat of coronavirus Covid-19
Taking action in whatever way you choose is impactful and is how change is made
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Take action

Take a moment to make a difference for cycling. Cycling UK's campaigns team need your help to make our roads and trails safer for everyone. Here are some simple ways to can support our work.

Got a minute?

Spread the word about our campaigns on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.

Fed up of potholes? You could download the Fill That Hole app and report potholes. 

Got 5 minutes?

If you have a minute, take one of our actions to help get millions more cycling.

So far over 10,000 people have supported our Funding for Cycling and Walking campaign by emailing their MP and the Transport Minister.

Now we are asking you to contact and arrange a meeting with your MP to ask them go to the upcoming funding debate in parliament. 

If you are not sure what to say read our Top Tips for meeting your MP and Why your MP should attend the debate

Got 10 minutes?

You could speak to your employer about the Cycle Friendly Employer scheme to encourage people to cycle to your workplace.

Read the latest issue of Campaign News.

An hour?

Why not join a local campaigning group and represent us where you live. 

Depending on your interests, you could get involved in assessing a local consultation on off-road Rights of Way or evaluate cycle access or public transport.

Or contact your local media about the conditions of your local cycling infrastructure or a positive story about how cycling has changed your life.

A day or two a week?

Get in contact with your local Cycling UK campaign group and see how you can get involved.

If you have a day or two free a week, you could also get more hands on by joining a local campaigns group and starting a petition or do a cycle count of how many people use a cycle lane.

You could report local obstructions of rights of way to your local authority.

You could contact your local authority about a local access forum, a regular meeting for people who use the local rights of ways network to discuss issues.

You could contact your local authorities Cycling Officer to see if there’s anything you can offer and assistance and to start building a relationship.


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You too can champion cycling in the UK
You too can champion cycling in the UK
Give your support today to help Cycling UK’s charitable work tomorrow. We double every pound you give through other sources to help change lives and communities through cycling.